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Стратегия устойчивого развития X5 Group

X5 goal


Promoting responsible consumption and use of resources

Our contribution to the SDGs

X5's Goals by 2030: - 30% reduction of GHG emissions (Scope 1 + Scope 2), 30% of renewable energy in in-house operations, - 30% reduction of waste generation to retail sales coefficient. 

We contribute to Russia’s 2030 National Development Goal of ensuring a comfortable and safe environment.   

Goals 2023

All targets
- 10% GHG emissions
Decrease up to 10% of waste generation coefficient (share of waste in retail sales)
Up to 95% of recyclable solid waste from in-house operations to be used in circular economy
Up to 40% of food waste to be utilized or recycled
Increase up to 50% share of private label products in sustainable packaging
Renewable energy used by in-house operations
Promote responsible sourcing programs and principles across the supply chain among suppliers