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Quality of goods

To ensure high quality of products in its stores, X5 Group together with its suppliers closely monitors compliance with the product safety and quality standards.

Quality of goods

Quality control system

All X5 stores have a clear set of rules and guidelines regulating product safety and quality. Quality controls include both supplier audits and in-store inspections.

To ensure that products are safe for people and the environment and meet the retail standards and consumer requirements, the Company employs Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points principles​.


Point 1

In 2018, Pyaterochka implemented a project to better monitor the delivery of chilled products from suppliers to stores. As part of the project, all Pyaterochka's DCs and hubs were equipped with sensors measuring real-time temperature and humidity level.​


Point 2

In 2019, Pyaterochka launched the Freshness project, which is a strategic project for the format that aims to transform the entire quality control and freshness monitoring process. Changes include the introduction of a new stage of control over the freshness of products when they are dispatched from DCs to stores, store employees are responsible for removing damaged or spoiled products every hour and sorting fruits and vegetables three times a day. Furthermore, goods are now removed from the shelf before the end of the day of their expiry date.

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