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Х5 Group wins major awards for its ESG projects

In December 2022, X5 Group won a number of awards recognising its social, charitable and environmental projects.


The Basket of Kindness project was recognised in the Charity category of the Company of the Year 2022 award.

The project was inspired by the successful experience of Food Drive, an international initiative that has been providing food to socially vulnerable populations. During Basket of Kindness days, customers at X5’s Pyaterochka and Perekrestok stores can buy and donate food to help people in need.

The award was established by the Kompaniya business weekly. The finalists were chosen by an expert panel, with the winners selected via an open vote.


X5 Group received first place in the Unique Synergies category of the Change Management. Visionaries award for its food sharing project carried out in partnership with Foodsharing and Foodbank Rus.

As part of the project, X5 donates bread to people in need via select Pyaterochka and Perekrestok stores in Moscow, St Petersburg and Chelyabinsk. Store employees select bread that is nearing its “best before” date but is still safe for consumption. X5 plans to scale up the project to other cities and expand the list of product categories that are sent for donation.

This year’s award also recognised the #RecycleYourToothbrush project organised by Perekrestok and Splat Global, which won first place in the Ecology.Business category. X5’s Perekrestok stores feature special containers to collect used toothbrushes. These are later recycled and put to use, for example as urban paving, which can now be found in the city square of Okulovka in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. The toothbrush collection campaign is currently ongoing at Perekrestok supermarkets. 

The annual Russian Change Management. Visionaries award was established by the Plus One project in 2018 to evaluate corporate sustainability efforts across the economic, social, and environmental dimensions. It aims to identify, analyse and recognise the best strategies in change management among business majors and the third sector.


At the #We’reTogether international award ceremony, X5 won the bronze medal in the Responsible Business category for its Safety Zones project.

Each Pyaterochka and Perekrestok store across Russia has a special area marked by an orange geolocation pin that people can approach if they got lost and wait for assistance. Individuals can also ask any store employee for help. All X5 personnel have been fully trained on how to assist a person who is lost or disoriented. Store employees get in touch with search and rescue volunteers from Liza Alert or with the police to help individuals find their way home.

The award is part of the #We’reTogether forum, which is designed to bring together socially active citizens, leaders of social change, and anyone who is willing to make a difference to improve the quality of life in Russia.


X5 won first place in BoomBattle, a Russian initiative to collect and recycle paper and cardboard, finishing ahead of Sber and Russian Post. In two months of 2022, the Company collected and sent for recycling a total of over 56,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard.

The campaign was designed to support the Ecology national project and involved a number of schools, universities and major employers across the nation. It brought together 85 Russian regions and more than 2.1 million individual participants.

The initiative was supported by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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