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BioMio refill stations at Perekrestok

Nine Perekrestok supermarkets in Moscow and two Perekrestok stores in St Petersburg have installed bio-refill stations from BioMio, a brand and manufacturer offering environmental home-care solutions. Perekrestok was the first retail chain to install such stations.

The stations are designed to dispense BioMio home-care liquids into reusable containers. Similarly to F&V weighing scales, the stations give customers an opportunity to print out the price label themselves and pay at the checkout counter. Customers can choose between 450 ml and 1,000 ml PET and HDPE vials with a price tag of RUB 45 and RUB 155, respectively. The cost of the product is RUB 350 per litre. Consumers can recycle vials by placing them in waste sorting bins available in the yards of residential buildings. Moreover, customers can use their own containers to purchase BioMio products.